About Me

After 27 years of marriage I found myself a member of an “exclusive” club that I never wanted to belong to — someone whose spouse had died. I became a widow. It wasn’t sudden (my husband had Parkinson’s Disease), but, even so, you can be aware that someone you love is going to die, and, maybe even think you have come to accept that fact, but when the actual death takes place, it shatters your world in ways you never thought possible. In fact, there are times when you don’t want to live anymore, either.

And that is exactly where I found myself on April 1, 2021. It has not been easy, and, let’s be honest, much of the time it’s been downright unpleasant . . . Ok, sometimes it has been almost unbearable, but there was no other good alternative but to face my grief head on and move forward. Getting stuck was not an option. And so here I am. I have always processed things in my life through writing, and the bigger the seismic shift of the change, the more I write. When it became obvious that my husband was not going to make it, I began to write letters to him . . . letters he would, of course, never read. Sometimes I wrote poetry. And now, 8 months to the day from his death, I am still writing my way through this. And it is my hope that as I write I can help others along their journey as well. So, welcome to my blog. I hope that in sharing my grief journey with you, I can help make yours a little less lonely, and, if I’m lucky, a little less painful. Welcome! I am sorry you qualify to be here, but I am truly glad that you came.